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How to make yourself sick?

Have you ever thought about pretending to be sick for a day or two to have some free time? You’re know you will not become mentally ill and want to convince them that you are sick. You want to relax. You can get it here. Look at how to simulate a disease. It is very compelling. It would help if you worked hard to cause some symptoms because this is more convincing.

Some of the most common symptoms of the disease are fever, coughing, sneezing, sweating, loss of appetite, hoarseness, headache, etc. This is how some or all of these symptoms manifest themselves.

Although fever may be an uncomfortable experience, not everyone hates it. This is especially true for some people who have a lot of work and do not want to work the following day. I was sick and did not go to work or school.

How to get rid of heat and temperature

  1. Drink ice water many times
  2. Don’t eat anything-finish fast
  3. Force yourself to train too hard by slightly exceeding your abilities.
  4. Swim in cold water, keep it dry, sit in an air conditioner or outdoors, and wear as little clothing as possible. Repeat 2-3 times
  5. Try not to sleep. I was lying on the open deck without clothes or wet clothes.
  6. Pray that God will fulfill your wish because of fever (because you are rarely asked about fever, who knows that he can fulfill your wish).

However, please remember that you must do this in secret. God bless it will reflect on your boss or your parents.

A fake cough makes you sick.

If you are a college student, simulate a cough before your boss, spouse, or parents. If you are a smoker, please prepare for the first few days and smoke as much as possible in the shortest time possible. It should be noted that this may be harmful to your health because smoking is harmful to your health. This is only recommended if you do your best to get sick to avoid working hours.

Try to drink cold drinks as much as possible in the first few days, significantly when your body is warmed up after exercise. You may experience some symptoms (fever, sore throat, hoarse voice…). Still, you must take care of your coughs related to well-known diseases. . Of course, if you are a great actor, you can easily replay such coughs and prevent your health from deteriorating to achieve your goals. This is the best choice.

Faking headache make yourself sick

Simulating a headache is the easiest because there is no way to check if it is or forging it. Given that headaches are easy to imitate, they don’t even have to be headaches. If necessary, we don’t know how to get them, spend time in dangerous droughts, but don’t do it yourself. So to simulate headaches, you must also simulate hypersensitivity to light. And external factors. Of course, to get rid of the pain, you must go to bed early and then convince everyone that you cannot go to work or school tomorrow.

Loss of craving

It is also one of the main symptoms accompanying all other symptoms to mimic a cold, fever, or illness successfully. Just give up any advice given to you, and if you can’t, make sure you have the time to invest. Resist hunger, but of course, make sure not to show any interest in food in front of others.


For a hoarse voice, it is best to go to a party the night before. And sing all night loudly so that your voice will be completely hoarse the next day.

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