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How to do a messy bun?

Although some girls love long hair, during summer, hair becomes more irritating due to heat. You can fold your hair and make a messy bun, but some girls do not know how to do a messy bun. Nowadays, messy bun is also taken as styling and a part of fashion. So I am going to explain how to do a messy bun step by step.

Easy Steps to do a Messy Bun

1. Brush your hair:

As we know, it is a messy bun and meant to be imperfect, but with tangled hair, it isn’t easy to make it. So make your hair smooth and knot-free by gently brushing.

2. Use spray for texture:

Your messy buns will be better if your hair has more texture—no problem what type of hair you have. You can use texture spray, which is readily available in the stores. Use it to make the texture of your hair.

3. Make a ponytail:

I don’t think the girls don’t know how to make a ponytail, so, If you know, that is good because a ponytail is the start step of messy buns.

4. Form a messy bun

Start twisting the ponytail and around its base wrap it.

5. With a hair elastic secure it do a messy bun

Around the messy buns loop, a hair elastic will hold the bun in a place.

6. Pin Down Stray Strands do a messy bun

For your taste, if your messy buns look too messy, you can secure them an unruly lock of hair using bobby pins.

7. Use hairspray as a finisher

As the day goes on, use the hair spray as a finisher to prevent your messy buns from unravelling. You can use it for any brand. It will help to lock it in place.
For every day: You don’t need special plans to harvest your expression to the next level. Instead of a regular old hair tie by securing it with a fabric-covered elastic, make efforts to add a touch of retro flair to your bun.

For long hair how to do a messy bun

When it comes to creating messy buns, the super long hair might intimidate you into mastering it is easy. A bit more patience and a lot of bobby pins are the only things you need. You followed the steps to make messy buns with short hair, same as for long hair. Roots of must-have hair texture into a ponytail, brush your hair and secure it with a hair elastic. Now you can make the things a little switch up. To keep your strands in place, pin your hair section by section as you twist your hair loosely into a bun. Summon up. The scruffier your bun appearances, the better.


In the above steps, we have learned how to do messy buns. It is a little interesting and looks loving as every girl wants to do it, but not everyone does it correctly. Follow the steps and your messy buns will be ready. Whether you have long or short hair, you can easily make your messy buns. So, start it now and after little tries, you can do it perfectly.

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