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6 Recommended manufacturers for PC monitors [2021 version]

Best buy computer monitors. A “PC monitor” whose required specifications and functions differ greatly depending on the purpose. Since the product lineup is abundant, many people may be wondering which model to buy.

So this time, I would like to introduce a recommended PC monitor. We will also explain how to choose and recommend manufacturers, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Benefits of PC monitors: Best buy computer monitors

The advantage of a PC monitor is that you can expand the screen of your PC to improve work efficiency. When using a notebook PC, you may feel stress on the screen size, and work efficiency may not improve, but if you use a PC monitor, you can expand the screen and work comfortably.

Another point is that you can choose your favorite screen size. Even for desktop PCs, changing the PC monitor may improve the environment, so consider purchasing it if you are dissatisfied with the current situation.

PC monitor type

Classification by shape

The shape of the PC monitor is roughly divided into two types, “square” and “wide.” The square type PC monitor has a 5: 4, and the wide type PC monitor has a ratio of 16: 9. Wide-type PC monitors are the mainstream these days.

The lineup of products called “Ultra Wide Monitor,” a wide monitor expanded horizontally, is gradually expanding. This model is suitable for movies and video editing, so if you are interested, check it out.

Classification by panel

IPS Panel: Best buy computer monitors

The IPS panel, named after the acronym “In Plane Switching,” features a wide viewing angle of 178 ° in all directions. In addition to expressing stable colours from any angle on the screen, it also has a response speed with slight variation and good colour development.

On the other hand, the transmittance of the backlight is high, and I am not good at expressing pure black. The difficulty is that it is difficult to increase the contrast ratio. However, because the colour is excellent and stable colours can be seen regardless of the angle, it is sometimes used by designers who handle still images and medical sites.

VA Panel: Best buy computer monitors.

The VA panel is a long-established method whose principle discovered in the 1970s. VA is an acronym for “Vertical Alignment” and is characterized by its low backlight transmittance and the ability to express pure black.

Since it can express deep black, a high contrast ratio can achieve. High performance can be obtained when viewing images with a lot of dark areas.

However, the viewing angle is narrower than IPS’s, so it is unsuitable for viewing from an angle. The difficulty is that it is difficult to use when lying down or looking at the screen and multiple people—recommended for those who work by looking at the screen from the front or those who want vividness and sharpness in the image.

How to choose a PC monitor

Choose by price

PC monitor prices range from reasonably priced items purchased for the 10,000 yen range to items that cost more than 100,000 yen. The price tends to increase as the size increases. Also, models that specialize in specialized fields such as gaming tend to be expensive, so be sure to check the application in advance before selecting.

Select by resolution

When choosing a PC monitor, you should also check the the resolution. Resolution is a value that indicates how many pixels can display on the screen and determines the sharpness of an image or video. Recently, PC monitors with a resolution of 4000 x 2000 that support 4K are popular.

Recommended manufacturers of PC monitors

1. BenQ
Best buy computer monitors

BenQ is a leading electrical equipment manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. We handle various PC monitors, from reasonable entry models to high-end models equipped with the latest video technology. The PC monitors sold by BenQ are low-priced but have excellent specifications, so if you value cost performance, you should check it out.

2. Acer
Best buy computer monitors

Acer is a Taiwanese manufacturer that handles PC-related equipment. The “Predator series” equipped with the latest display technology is prevalent. The “Basic series,” which can purchase at a reasonable price, and the “Entertainment series,” which has both design and function, are also popular, and we have a rich lineup that meets the needs of a wide range of users.

Recommended PC monitor | 22 inches or less

1. Acer Nitro 21.5 inch VG220Qbmiifx: Best buy computer monitors
Best buy computer monitors

It is a PC monitor that can suppress stuttering. Adopting “AMD Radeon FreeSync,” it is attractive to prevent delay in video display when playing online games and videos. In addition, the response speed is as fast as 1ms so that you can enjoy smooth images even in fast-moving scenes.

The “Zero Frame” design with a narrow bezel enables seamless display even on multiple displays. In addition, two HDMI / mini D-Subs integrate on the back of the central unit, which makes it possible to organize the desk area neatly.

2. Acer AlphaLine 21.5 inch ET221Qbmi: Best buy computer monitors
Best buy computer monitors

A PC monitor equipped with “flickerless technology” that does not tire your eyes. It also features a blue light filter, and the transmittance can adjust in 4 steps in the range of 50 to 80%.

The point of this product is that it has a built-in stereo speaker. You can play the immersive sound of movies and game scenes. In addition, it uses an IPS panel that supports full HD resolution, making it a model that allows you to enjoy images from various directions, up, down, left, and right.

3. LG Electronics PC Monitor 20MK400H-B
Best buy computer monitors

A PC monitor that can reduce the time lag during output. It can display in real-time by omitting video processing and frame buffer storage and transferring the data directly to the display. It recommends gaming where a slight difference between audio and video determines the outcome.

The point of this product is that it has excellent colour development. The colour vision adjustment mode is Carrie, and the colour scheme can adjust automatically so that it is easy to distinguish colours. In addition, the dark parts of the image can easily see, improving visibility.

4. ASUS Gaming Monitor VP228HE: Best buy computer monitors

This PC monitor recommends for those who place importance on image quality. You can select the most suitable model according to the content from the landscape, standard, theatre, sRGB, darkroom, game, etc. In addition, “Vivid Pixel technology” that emphasizes the outline of objects enables clear depiction.

Perfect for games. “ASUS Eye Care technology” that suppresses blue light and flicker adopt. and you can reduce eye strain due to extended gameplay. In addition, the response speed is as high as 1ms, so if you want to enjoy fast-moving FPS and racing games comfortably, this is a model you should check.



A PC monitor recommends for a wide range of applications. You can select the mode from “RTS,” which is suitable for games in general. “FPS,” which is convenient for FPS games with dark images, and “Movie,” which allows you to enjoy watching movies comfortably. It also uses a TN panel with a fast response speed, which recommends for watching sports.

Since the display is a non-glossy type, not only does it prevent eyes from getting tired. But it also suppresses reflections and light reflections in addition to adjusting the angle of the screen. It is also a point that can hang on the wall or mounted on the arm.

6. Dell S Series 21.5 inch Wide Monitor SE2216H


A PC monitor with a narrow frame design that minimizes the bezel. It recommends for those who are looking for a model with a clean design. Since it equips with HDMI and VGA ports. It can output video from a wide range of devices such as personal computers. Game consoles, and recorders.

One of the attractions is the power-saving function. Power consumption can reduced by the “Power Nap function” that automatically switches to sleep mode when not used for a certain period. Furthermore, the display part is a non-glossy type. It is a model that can prevent reflections when playing games or watching movies.



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