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4 Recommended “Cassette Gas Stoves” Easy to carry, ideal for spot heating [2021 latest version]

Portable gas stove. A “cassette gas stove” is a heating device used by setting the same cassette gas cylinder used for a cassette stove. Compared to heating appliances that use electricity or kerosene, the advantage is that they are accessible and easy to carry. Some of them can be used outdoors, such as camping, and they are also helpful for disaster prevention.

Here, we will introduce the merits, checkpoints, and recommended products of the cassette gas stove that you can quickly warm up.

Cassette gas stove: Easy to handle and easy to carry

A cassette gas stove is a heating device that heats by burning gas using a cassette gas cylinder (CB can) containing liquefied LP gas, which is familiar with cassette stoves.

Compared to general gas stoves that require piping, oil stoves that require refueling work, and electric stoves that need to connect to outlets, it is easy to obtain and handle by simply setting a cassette gas cylinder. You can use it. Many are compact and lightweight, and because they are cordless, they are easy to carry.

However, the time that can be heated with one cassette gas cylinder is about several hours. If used in earnest, it will take time and effort to replace the cassette gas cylinder, and running costs will also increase. Rather than using it as the central heating device, it is most suitable for applications such as bathrooms, toilets, and the feet of the living room, where you can quickly carry it to a place you want to warm up and use it casually.

Also, please note that it is vulnerable to low temperatures. According to Iwatani, which sells cassette gas stoves, due to the characteristics of cassette cylinders (butane gas), it becomes challenging to vaporize when the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, and it hardly vaporizes when the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius, so it cannot be used. There is also a gas cylinder that has been strengthened to cope with low temperatures by changing the gas composition to be used outdoors.

Cassette gas stove Check performance and safety: 

Check the output and method depending on the application

The performance of a cassette gas stove is expressed in “maximum calorific value” (kW), and the larger it is, the stronger the heating capacity and the larger the room can be heated. Still, the continuous combustion time possible with one cassette gas cylinder is short. Become.

 In addition, stoves can  broadly divide into “reflection type” and “convection type.” The reflection type is a method of warming with radiant heat from the reflector placed around the combustion part, and the front can warm quickly. The convection type is cylindrical and is suitable for heating the entire room by the rising convection of warm air.

 If you want to use it immediately with cold feet, you can choose the reflective type, and if you want to warm the room, you can choose the convection type, depending on the usage scene.

Check safety devices Difference between “indoor” and “outdoor”

 The cassette gas stove labeled “for indoor use” is legally required to be equipped with a “fall prevention device,” “extinguishing safety device,” and “incomplete combustion prevention device,” resulting in fire or carbon monoxide poisoning due to a fall. We prevent accidents such as.

 Incomplete combustion prevention devices are not required for “outdoor” cassette gas stoves and cannot use indoors. Also, for “outdoor” cassette gas stoves, regulations have tightened to prevent accidents, and unless the “PSLPG mark” indicating that safety has been confirmed is affixed to the main body, June 1, 2020, After that, sales are prohibited. Cheap overseas products may be sold at shopping sites, but check these safety devices and safety standards as well.

In the past. Using an outdoor cassette gas stove in a tent has caused fatal accidents due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Even for indoor use, Iwatani said, “If you use a combustion appliance in a narrow and enclosed space like a tent. There is a risk of death due to oxygen deficiency or carbon monoxide poisoning. So absolutely Please stop. (Cannot used indoors or outdoors) “. It is a convenient and convenient cassette gas stove. But read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use them safely.

Cassette gas stove: Recommended model is this Portable gas stove

Iwatani Cassette Gas Stove Portable Type “My Warm”

It is an indoor cassette gas stove of Iwatani, a significant manufacturer of cassette gas appliances. The size is 312 (width) x 222 (depth) x 290 (height) mm. And the weight is about 2.6 kg (excluding cassette gas). Which is compact and lightweight and is a model that emphasizes portability.

 The feature is that it rises quickly after ignition and can warm up in about 1 minute. The maximum calorific value is modest at 1.0kW (up to 3 tatami mats for detached wooden houses and up to 4 tatami mats for concrete apartments). Still, the continuous combustion time is about 3 hours and 20 minutes in standard mode. It is a personal stove that can carry to various places in the house and be used.

SENGOKU ALADDIN Portable gas stove

The brand “SENGOKU ALADDIN” remove audio from video by the British brand ALADDIN known for the kerosene heater. “Blue Frame Heater” and the Japanese heating equipment manufacturer “Sengoku,”. Which is the manufacturer of the kerosene heater. This model is a cassette gas stove with a blue frame heater as a motif. Equipped with a tornado burner, it warms the space efficiently and softly. It is also popular with campers as a highly designed cassette gas stove that can use indoors and outdoors.

 The calorific value is 0.8kW to 2.0kW (continuous combustion time is about 1 hour 40 minutes to 4 hours 20 minutes). The size is 330 (width) x 335 (depth) x 386 (height) mm, and the weight is about 5.7 kg. The special cassette cylinder (sold separately) contains gas for outdoor use at low temperatures.

Iwatani cassette gas stove “Big warm”

Iwatani’s full-scale indoor cassette gas stove. The maximum calorific value is 1.35kW (continuous combustion time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes). Still, the three-layered combustion cylinder and reflector provide warmth comparable to that of a small kerosene heater.

 The size is 349 (width) x 280 (depth) x 408 (height) mm. And the weight is about 4.1 kg (excluding cassette gas).

Iwatani cassette gas fan heater “Kazewarm” (KAZEDAN)

Iwatani’s “KAZEDAN” is an indoor fan heater that warms with warm air. It has a built-in power generation mechanism that converts the combustion heat of cassette gas into electricity using a “thermoelectric power generation element” and runs a fan without the need for batteries or a power cord. Although it is a fan heater, it is cordless and has a high level of usability.

 The maximum calorific value is as high as 2.0kW (continuous combustion time is about 1 hour and 43 minutes). The size is 319 (width) x 260 (depth) x 438 (height) mm. And the weight is about 4.7 kg (excluding cassette gas).



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