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How to Lucid Dream?

The dream is one of the common things; almost every person dreams during the sleep in their life, and sometimes the animals also have dreams. In the following article, we get to know about How to Lucid Dream? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

There are different kinds of dreams, and people dream about many things. Sometimes their dreams are weird and horrible. They feel fear in their dreams. Sometimes their dreams pleasantly affect them.

What is a dream?

The dream is the presence of the combination of different thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the person during their sleep.

Kinds of dreams

There are different types of dreams like

Lucid dreams


Prophetic dreams

Recurring dreams

Vivid dreams

What are lucid dreams?

A lucid dream is a type of dream in which a man knows that he is in the state of dreaming. 

In a lucid dream, a man can take hold of his dream and control the things happening in his dream, this type of dream is generally related to metacognition. Metacognition is the process of understanding someone’s feelings and emotions.

History of lucid dreams

From 1960 to 1970, a lot of research was done on the lucid dream. These dreams are related to REM sleep and the creation of electrooculograms. This helps observe the indications of the perception. Stephen Laverne is a founder of the researcher of lucid dreams; he is a great psychophysiologist. His research work is helpful to the other researchers, and with the help of that, they discover the healing advantages of lucid dreams.

Methods of getting a Lucid Dream

Wake initiated lucid dreaming.

A lucid dream occurs when somebody infiltrates a dream from waking life.

This is necessary for the person to lay down in a relaxing way till he gets a hallucination during sleep. Wake initiated dreaming is easy and simple, but it’s not easy to comprehend.

Testing of Reality

To check the realty or reality testing is one of the practices of senses. It enables to improve the metacognition due to the mind’s working to comprehend your perceptions.

Metacognition is associated with the brain’s prefrontal cortex which plays a significant part while testing reality and lucid dreams.

Steps for trying reality testing

  • The person asks himself, Am I in a condition of dream
  • The person examines his surroundings to verify that he is a dream
  • See his consciousness and understand how he can connect himself with the environment.

Also, set the alarm for the reminder.

Some of the popular reality tests are used by the people.

Use of the mirror

The mirror is used to see the reflection in it.

Use of hard things

Touch the table or bed and look if the hand gets on them or not.


Examine your hands carefully; whether the hands are in a normal state.

Effect of Time

While dreaming, time will change quickly, and time will change slowly in reality.

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