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How to make a Moscow mule?

Aromatic and refreshing, the cocktail is convincing with its pleasant note of ginger.


  • Vodka (5 cl)
  • Schweppes Ginger Beer (15 cl)
  • Lime juice (2 cl)
  • Cucumber slice (s) (2 pieces)
  • Ice cubes


Put vodka, lime juice, and ice cubes in a tumbler glass and fill up with Schweppes Ginger Beer. Garnish with cucumber slices.


Taste: aromatic, refreshing

Type: long drink

Difficulty: medium

Spicy and thirst-quenching: Moscow Mule recipe

The Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug, ice-cold and spicy at the same time. A good portion of ginger beer gives the drink its strength.

Moscow Mule recipe

The Moscow Mule, or Moscow Mule if you prefer the spelling, is a classic drink. Whether at the bar or in the club, the mixture of ginger beer and vodka is wonderfully piquant and thirst-quenching at the same time. If you order it elsewhere, you usually have no influence on the container. Which is particularly important with the Moscow Mule! The copper cup not only looks beautiful, but it also keeps the drink cold for a long time. Copper is very popular in the production of saucepans because the material distributes temperatures evenly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or hot, in this case, of course, the cold is desired.

The Moscow Mule and the Copper Cup

The Moscow Mule has a long history. There are many different variations behind the invention of the original recipe, but the key facts are always the same. It is said that the Russian businesswoman Sophie Berezinski immigrated to the USA from Russia around 1940. In this case, more than 2,000 copper cups. Her father owned a copper factory in Russia and since the two weren’t particularly talented salespeople, they couldn’t get rid of the cups in Russia and wanted to try their luck in the USA.

Sophie herself created the design for the mug. Sophie tried to sell the cups for a long time, but she just couldn’t find any buyers. Her husband grew more impatient with each passing day and threatened to throw all the cups away if she did not find a buyer for the containers soon. Sophie was understandably very fond of the cups, after all, they were a collaboration between her and her father. Desperate, she continued to search for buyers and wandered door to door in Los Angeles to find restaurants or bar owners interested in their goods. Fate was kind to her and she ended up in the famous Cock’n ‘Bull Pub on the Sunset Strip.

Vodka, ginger beer, and ice cream: the Moscow Mule ingredients couldn’t be simpler

Jack Morgan, the owner of the Cock’s ‘Bull, was in a similarly precarious position. His friend John Martin had bought the Smirnoff Vodka Distillery in the 1930s, but at the time vodka was less popular in the United States and so it was not getting rid of its inventory. Beer, whiskey, and cocktails were drunk a lot back then and John tried in vain to get rid of his vodka to thirsty customers. Until he met Sophie. She sat down with Jack and John at the counter and began to talk about their copper cups.

Bottom Line

The three of them came up with a plan: better said, a cocktail. They wanted to invent a drink that was served in a copper mug and made with lots of vodkas. They tinkered around for hours behind the bar, using the excess ginger beer that Jack accidentally ordered for the bar. The result? The Moscow Mule.

The combination of spicy ginger beer and mild vodka was an instant hit and is still extremely popular today, a good 80 years after its invention. A simple cocktail that is still thirst-quenching and has flavor, especially if you use a high-quality ginger beer. Correctly, the cocktail should of course be served in a copper mug. Just as Sophie and her father would have liked.

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