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How to post on Instagram from pc?

In this article, let’s talk about how Instagram can upload pictures via PC. Since Instagram is a mobile app, now you can use the browser to log in and enjoy posts, but the PC does not support picture uploading and picture upload. So what? How about using the computer to upload pictures? Ok, let me introduce several methods for your reference. In this article, we read about How to post on Instagram from pc?

The first type: Android emulator

There are many types of imitators on the Internet, such as BlueStacks, which are widely known. The most important thing is that they are powerful. However, domestic imitators are also good nowadays, and some imitators can support multiple openings, which is many. Open!

Ok, download and install the imitator (what? Nothing? Then go to Baidu), enter the imitator’s app store, and download Instagram to post on Instagram from pc. Amway One: Night God imitator (really no advertising fee), very light, and comes with Root. You can change the positioning.

The imitator is a highly recommended method of uploading and posting on the PC side, but it is a bit obsessed. We are only overkill for Instagram.

The second type: third-party platform

In addition to uploading one or more pictures (videos), you can also manage different accounts with multiple people.

Free trial for one week, after 8.4 dollars a month, three accounts

Similar to the first one, you can manage an Instagram account for $20 a month. His billing is based on the number of fans you have.

The last Buffer has solid functions and supports many platforms. If there are not many accounts, the free version can satisfy our needs.

There are a lot of platforms like this kind of third-party uploading pictures, and a lot of them are searched, but most of them are charged. The critical feature is the schedule posted. Although there are some platforms with performance analysis systems, I will talk about this later.

The third type: third-party software

Suggest two for everyone

After downloading and installing, you can upload pictures through the computer.

The above three methods of uploading pictures on the computer side, apart from the need for scheduled posting, are tasteless. Is it just for the computer to send a concept that needs to be tossed like this?

Dry Goods Early Warning

Ok, I will share one of the simplest and most rude ways to send pictures to everyone. It is elementary!

Open Instagram directly on the webpage, right click-check or F12

As shown in the figure below, you can see this button click (Ctrl+Shift+M)

Ok, click to refresh the next page (F5), you will find that the left side will become like this:

Found one more column with wood!

Take a closer look at whether the interface is the same as the mobile version? We click on the “camera” in the middle to select a photo to be uploaded.

This step is the same as the mobile phone, adjust the size of the picture

There is no problem at all. It has been successfully announced.

Is it convenient? With this method, there is no need to download that 7788 software and third-party programs.

Mom no longer has to worry that we will not post pictures on the computer~

In terms of strict rules and laws, Instagram has gone further and further. Social networking services allow users to share videos and photos and send messages to each other, and report the “story” through a combination of pictures and videos available for 24 hours at a time.

Instagram exceeded 1 million registered users in the first two months of operation, reached 10 million in the first year, and will exceed 800 million in the future. It is a platform based on freedom of information.

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