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How to make milk tea?

Milk Tea is a simple and refreshing drink! In addition to refreshing, this drink is also included in glasses that are still delicious to be enjoyed either warm or cold with ice. Imagine how delicious it is to drink milk tea in the hot air after activities.

Usually, the milk tea that we know is Teh Tarik, but milk tea has many variations worldwide. Some of them even have unique ingredients! So, here are some milk teas that you should try on your menu if you have time because each milk tea has its uniqueness!

If our neighboring country has Teh Tarik, Indonesia also has its milk tea, called value tea. This tea from Sumatra has a unique taste because it is mixed with egg yolk and has many benefits. When asked about the preference, perhaps the taste of Italia tea, if described, is rough, sweet, and thick!

Drinks that you can find in several Sumatran restaurants are not only delicious but also healthy. Egg tea is believed to warm a person’s body. Besides that, this tea is also rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K. The most famous benefit of this milk tea is an increase in male stamina for activities!

Canada has a milk tea created by people who can’t drink coffee. It’s called London fog!

Well, if this is milk tea from Canada, it’s perfect for drinking it warm in the morning. You only need two ingredients to make this tea. The first ingredient is black tea (it is recommended to choose the tea with a strong aroma and taste), and the second ingredient is cow’s milk that has been shaken until foamy. After that, you mix the two. Tadaa! You have successfully created this London fog milk tea. Usually, syrup or sugar is used as a sweetener for this drink.

Apart from being lighter in taste than traditional British tea, it is also a helpful substitute for caffeine for people who can’t drink coffee. This drink was created because there is a coffee lover in Canada named Mary Loria who is pregnant and should not drink too much coffee. Finally, the London fog tea was created to outsmart this, which tastes as sweet and light as this latte!

Masala chai

Tea from India that serves a warm taste of selected spices! Very suitable for drinking when the body is less fit!

For those with a slightly funky tongue, masala chai can be the perfect tea dish. This spiced tea from India is ideal for drinking in cold weather or when it’s raining. This tea mixed and brewed with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise can give a warm sensation when drunk.

In addition to providing a warm feeling for those who are not feeling well, masala chai can be one of your solutions! The mixture of spices and aromas in this milk tea is believed to relieve colds and strengthen the immune system of those who regularly consume it.

British people are very famous for drinking tea!

Apart from drinking earl gray tea in the afternoon, it turns out that the British also have tea to drink in the morning, called English breakfast tea. This tea emerged in the late 19th century because many thought early gray tea tasted less “strong” and was expensive. Because the taste is more robust, it is recommended to drink this tea in the morning.

This tea comes from a mixture of several types of black tea, which is brewed and then added with several ingredients such as milk, honey, and lemon. In addition, this tea also has a reasonably high caffeine content to be used as a substitute for coffee in the morning. Not only that, the release of caffeine is longer than coffee, making this tea able to keep you focused longer.

Who doesn’t know Thai tea? This Thai milk tea drink, whose real name is cha yen, can be found on the street!

Milk tea, also known as Thai tea, has mushroomed in several Southeast Asian countries, one of which is Indonesia. You can find this very fresh milk tea drink to quench your thirst, starting from the roadside to authentic Thai tea served in Thai restaurants.

This orange-colored tea uses black tea, black tea made thick and sweetened condensed ice. This Thai tea drink has a super sweet and refreshing taste. This tea also has its characteristics: the distinctive orange color of steeping mixed with milk.

If tea usually tastes sweet, then this tea has a salty taste. Tea originating from a country located in the Himalayas is unique. Because it mixes butter or butter made from animal milk called yak. In addition to butter from yak, this tea also uses salt as one of the ingredients, so it tastes savory and salty, not the usual taste for tea!

To enjoy this tea takes a little struggle because this tea. Must be boiled for several hours while stirring in a unique brewer. This Tibetan tea, also known as buttermilk, is usually enjoyed with bread.

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