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How Much Money Have I Spent on league?

Millions of youngsters get immersed in the games without acknowledging how much time and money they are spending, How much money have I spent on league, and it’s pervasive. Though games are free to play, you usually spend on in-game things such as unlocking different champions and getting other goodies.

Moreover, these days, people are spending a significant amount on League of Legends, a popular game around the globe.
Now every fan is thinking about how much money have I spent on the league? Are you also wondering and want to know how much you’ve spent on this game till now? Then you are in the right place because here in this article. However, I’ll provide you a quick guide to check how much you have spent on the league.

Let’s check the amount you spent on the league of legends(LoL);

Steps to check how much money have I spent on league

First of all, on the website of the company of code, visit the official page given to this request
Read the brief descriptive message and then press the “Login” button
For the confirmation of your account, then enter the required credentials
Do check this the region you have selected is appropriate
And finally, you’ll see a “show me money” button, press the control without any delay and yes! You are good to go.
This way, you will get a report that will show you how much money you spent on LoL. Besides this, if you have an option to ask for a piece of detailed information regarding your spending on LoL. Moreover, this is the most reliable way to track your spendings on the league of legends. Well, we hope the article has helped you in answering your questions.

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