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Medical Alert Bracelet

Jewelry has been used to augment beauty since ancient times. Ornaments are a basic need for the women of today’s era. A Medical Alert Bracelet is a type of jewellery bracelet that is used by patients with certain diseases. This bracelet contains all the details and medical ID of the patient. Patients with chronic diseases who can become unconscious or ill at any time wear this bracelet so that people around them can read the details and treat the patient accordingly. This bracelet is usually made up of sterling silver or stainless steel.

How does it work? 

These bracelets have information that mostly includes the name of the disease or medical condition and the contact number of the physician, caregiver or any family member. This detail can either engrave or written on paper inserted inside the bracelet. Or it can also be a USB drive bracelet. In such types of Medical ID bracelets, a small USB drive attach to the bracelet. But there can be limitations with it as the patient might not have updated the details of the disease. 

QR bracelets have a sticker of QR codes. First responders or medical personnel can scan the QR code with their smartphone and access all the details related to the patient on the website. It is more trusted and convenient than USB drive bracelets. 

Who Should Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet?

People with any disease or medical condition that can require immediate attention can wear this bracelet. We cannot limit the use of such bracelets for different diseases as anyone can have need of them. Even people with definite food or fragrance allergies can put it on. Here is a list of some of the widespread medical conditions for which people may require a medical alert bracelet:

Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart diseases are becoming common day by day. So it is advisable for people with cardiovascular diseases to wear a Medical ID bracelet as they can require immediate attention due to sudden stroke, heart attack, faintness, and the list goes on. In such circumstances, they absolutely need emergency help. 


Epileptic patients may encounter a seizure that is indeed a scary event for everyone. Such patients can require airways and pharmaceutical treatment on an emergency basis depending upon the type of epilepsy they have, so they wear a medical bracelet. 

Drug or Food Allergies

People can be allergic to some drugs and foods like eggs, fish, and the list goes on. They may react if brought into contact with allergic stimuli and necessitate immediate attention. 


Diabetic patients may face hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state (HHS) or ketoacidosis, or any other condition. Type 1 diabetic patients may require insulin abruptly. 

Other Diseases

Patients with haemophilia, anaemia, Willebrand’s clotting factor deficiencies or any other coagulation blood disorders may face any sudden condition and require to go to a hospital immediately. They should have medical ID bracelets. 

Final Verdict

No doubt, a medical alert bracelet is a great way to deal with emergencies. However, It is an innovative addition to the medical field for ordinary humans. But one should vigilantly add the information on his bracelet and always keep it simplified and updated to stay away from any dangerous and fatal salvage. 

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