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Difference between breathing and respiration

Different physiological processes take place in living beings. All of these processes are significant for healthy living beings. The two highly significant biological processes of the human body are respiration and breathing. Both of these processes differ from each other, and hence students must know the differences between them.

Breathing VS Respiration

Exchange of Gases

Breathing is a process through which we inhale and exhale. It is characterized by air flow into the lungs from the mouth and then coming out through the mouth. The primary function that helps in recognition of breathing is an exchange of gases. Two different types of gases are involved in this process. These include carbon dioxide gas and oxygen gas. In the process of breathing, there is inhaling of the oxygen gas into the body. However, the lungs exhale the carbon dioxide gas into the environment through exhaling. 

Biochemical Reaction

Respiration is known as the chemical reaction in which two significant chemicals are involved. In the process of respiration, both glucose and oxygen broke during the chemical reaction. Consequently, energy is produced that is responsible for carrying out a variety of cellular activities in the body. There are two highly significant types of respiration which are anaerobic and aerobic respiration. 


Both breathing and respiration take place at different locations or areas of the body. Respiration is a cellular activity and hence takes place at various body cells. However, breathing takes place through gills and lungs. In the case of human beings, it is the lungs that carry out breathing. While in the case of Pisces or fishes, the gills are responsible for the breathing process.

Energy Production Difference between breathing and respiration

Glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle are the most popular and valuable processes through which respiration takes place. However, for breathing, there is the involvement of exhalation and inhalation. There is no energy production due to breathing. Human beings breathe throughout the day, but there is no involvement in energy production due to this. However, energy production in small energy packets known as ATP is an output of respiration. 

Enzyme Difference between breathing and respiration

There is no association or involvement of enzymes for breathing. However, a considerable deal of enzymes plays a marvelous role in respiration. Indeed, these are responsible for carrying out and catalyzing the process of respiration. The entire respiratory system involves in the respiration process. Breathing takes place outside the cells. Respiration is the biochemical cell that occurs in all the body cells. Breathing is papular as the extracellular process, while respiration regarde as the intracellular process.

In a Nutshell

Although both processes are different from each other, they interrelate too. The exchanging of gases effectively between the lungs and the environment is breathing. It is a massively important process for living. However, respiration is the process that functions at the cellular level and aims to energize the body. Teachers must equip the students with quality education by making them know the primary difference. In such a way, the students can grow well and excel in their educational careers.

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