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How to write a conclusion?

A conclusion is an ending of the content you write. It is a brief note covering the theme and result of the words written above. A decision doesn’t need to be registered at the end of an essay. It can also be added at the end of the story. For instance, you are writing a story for children. You can add a moral to the story as a conclusion when the story ends. It will give a lesson to the children. In the following article, we get to know about How to write a conclusion? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Here is a guide to writing a conclusion:

Focus on Introductory Paragraph

When you start writing a conclusion, observe what you have registered in the introduction. By reading the introductory paragraph first, you will be able to revive your mind towards the theme of the content. You will summarize the exact purpose that you want to deliver to the reader.

Try to Conclude Each Paragraph

While writing the conclusion, try to summarize each paragraph which means that no important point should be left uncovered.

Add a Thought Bubble

If you are writing education-related content, it is a good idea to leave any fact incomplete. You will be guiding the reader to think by himself this way. He will try to find the answer or go more deeply into what you have written.

Add Different Questions and then Answer Them.

Ask the different reader questions. It will promote their thinking regarding the theme of the essay.

Add ‘So What’ or ‘Why’

By adding So Why or So What, you will leave the impression that the reader is getting all the answers to confusionconfusionto the topic.

Summarize the Conclusion Paragraph

Write it in a summary form. But be careful. Do not repeat the facts you already shared in the text above the conclusion.

Final Words

Make sure that the last lines of the conclusion are written in a general approach and do not specify facts reported in the story or essay.

Length of a Conclusion

Writers also ask how much the length of the conclusion should be. It should be only ten percent of the total content. For example, if an essay is 1500 words, its decision should not be longer than 150 words. This is the most popular way of writing conclusions.

What to Avoid while Writing Conclusion?

Writers sometimes make mistakes in writing final words.

  •       Do not write any new topic or idea in conclusion. It is not at all good.
  •       Do not add any unrelated phrases.
  •       Avoid being sentimental and emotional while writing a conclusion.
  •       Do not add any statistics and quotations.

Qualities of a Good Conclusion

Following are the qualities of a Conclusion:

  • It is precisely written.
  • It covers the main idea of the essay.
  • So, it proves your thesis.
  • It demonstrates that you have built what you ought to.
  • It is the opposite of an introduction.
  • So, it starts specific and ends in general.

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