How to plan a wedding?

How to plan a wedding?

The countdown is started!!! There is less and less time to come your big day. Yes, your wedding. After exchanging your engagement rings, I know you ae started thinking about your wedding that how to plan your wedding. In the following article, we get to know about How to plan a wedding? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

It’s a time-consuming task, so I suggest you start it as soon as possible to avoid stress. There are a lot of many things that you have to do. You can also get help from your friends, sisters, and cushions to perform this task beautifully. I suggest you start your wedding planning before 1 year so you can perform every taste without any depression and enjoy every moment of the task. So let’s get started!!!

Before 12 months of wedding

First of all, decide the date that you can get married.

Calculate the number of guests.

Set the approximate budget.

Find and reserve the hotel banquet, where you want a tour wedding.

11 to 7 months before the wedding

Start finding photographers, video makers, catering, visitors, decorators, etc.

Prepare the important guest list, select the bridesmaids and invite young ladies and cushions earlier.

Start selecting the furniture, room decoration, wedding dress, and other shopping.

7 to 6 months before the wedding

Find and hire music for weddings.

Select the invites of the guest.

Keep shopping for all the accessories that you want.

4 months before the wedding 

Start cleaning and set the rooms for guests. 

Buy grooms dress, shoes and other accessories and gifts that you want.

Buy bridals dresses, jewelry, shoes, veil or hijab, makeup, etc. 

Select and reserve the saloon, makeup artist, and hairdresser for the bride.

Decide the wedding theme.

3 months before the wedding

Start selecting and reserving your favorite place for your honeymoon.

Check the invitation list that you are done with.

Reserve the flowers and other decorations for the wedding.

2 months before the wedding

Do hairstyle and makeup test.

Taste and order the menu.

Select the music for the wedding and reception.

Start skin treatments for glowing skin.

1 month before the wedding

Call and reconfirm all your orders.

Confirm your all guest attendance.

Check that your and groom’s shopping is completed.

Before a few days of your wedding, get rest and enjoy your days with family and friends. You have done your task. Now start enjoying your wedding and skin relaxing treatments. Good luck with your big day!!!

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