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How to paint a room?

Painting your rooms means giving new looks to your room. If your room is painted nicely, It will also relax your eyes. People paint differently according to their own choice. Painting is like a fun-loving job. Sometimes, you find it so enjoyable that you don’t need to call the painter. It is an affordable thing to do if you are planning to renovate your house. You can paint your whole house on a minimum budget. Most people paint their room according to the furniture they set in the place. For this purpose, you can hire an interior designer. They give your house an aesthetic look.

How to paint a room?

Before starting painting your room, you will need to get all the necessary types of equipment like paintbrushes, rollers, painting trays, and, most important, ladder or step tools. You also need to buy the color of your own choice. Try to choose the colors which fit according to your room. If you have a small space, pick the light color paint and if you have a big room, try to choose bright and dark colors. It is said that light colors will make your room appear larger. Paint shops will give you a pamphlet of the color samples to choose from or decide the colors you want.

One gallon will hardly cover the 400 square feet, so measure your length and width to buy the paint. Try to measure everything, so you don’t have to go to the shop again and again to purchase paint. Primer is also used when you are painting the room. It is mostly used in bare drywall, stained and repaired areas, and for drastic color shades. Before starting to paint the room, you will need to dress casually. Wear some casual, comfortable, and old dress. In markets, you can easily buy a dress usually designed for painters. Wear your painting goggles. It helps to protect your eyes from chemicals.


Take out all the furniture and if there is too much furniture which is not carried out cover it with newspaper and other things. Try to cover your floor so it won’t get dirty. Paint can be cleaned out with thinner, but it is good to take safety precautions. Take the spackle and fill the holes and other cracks in the wall. Try to take off any dust from the room with a broom and cloth.

Mix the paint well in a big bucket. First, paint your ceiling and then come to the walls, and after that, you paint your windows and doors. Hold the brush like you are holding the pencil. It’s good to paint about four inches below the ceiling before going into the cuts. After cutting in the top and other trims, apply paint to the walls. Use rollers to paint the remaining wall. Dip the roller in the painting and try to start painting the wall. It is an easy thing to do.

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