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How to measure body fat?

Many bathroom scales measure weight and indicate the percentage of fat and water in the body. You wanted to know how reliable these scales are. Conclusion: The rankings are only convincing when it comes to weight. In the following article, we get to know about How to measure body fat? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

How to measure body fat?

So-called diagnostic scales are more expensive than conventional scales. In addition to weight, they also show the body’s fat and water percentage. But is it worth spending more money on such scales?

 “Most of the scales we tested were very reliable when measuring weight, but many scales were inaccurate when it came to the percentage of fat displayed to measure body fat. In extreme cases, they even showed a value twice as high. “Even the two best scales in the test would have mismeasured the fat percentage – by around 20 percent to measure body fat.

Values ​​are not “Unusable.”

Nevertheless, the values ​​can be exciting, and the purchase of a diagnostic scale can be worthwhile to measure body fat. An upward or downward trend can be determined if fat values ​​are compared over a more extended time, even if the absolute value is incorrect to measure body fat.

“This is particularly interesting for athletes who, after intensive training, build muscle to compensate for the loss of fat, If only the weight is measured, the value stays the same, which is frustrating. But if the fat and water content are also measured, a training effect can be determined. “

Electric current measures

The body’s water and fat percentages are measured by electricity. This is led from one foot up over the other foot back down to the scales to measure body fat. Because fat and water have different resistance, the scales can calculate how large their proportion is.

But this measurement method is imprecise because the current is only conducted to the middle of the body and back again to measure body fat. For example, if a test person has a large, fatty belly, this will be ignored on diagnostic scales.

The same procedure is used for scientific measurements. But with more measuring points on the body. For its test in a hospital. measured the actual fat content of the test subjects to measure body fat. For example, a measurement current is measured from the right hand to the left foot (and vice versa). A large, fatty belly is also included in the measurement.

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