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How to make yogurt?

Making yogurt is very easy. People who don’t know about the recipe of yogurt worry about how to make it at home. Still, instead of buying it from the market which you have heard about nowadays, they use different kinds of chemicals, so the yogurt you get isn’t pure or healthy at all, so it’s quite better to make it at home with other methods.

How to make yogurt?

There are 10 different methods of making yogurt at home, from which most people use the two main methods. Once you have learned to make it at home, you will feel quite amazed that it’s that much easy and healthy for you.

So, the two ways we are going to discuss how to make yogurt at home one is by using an oven or stove and then cooling it afterward, and the other is by Yogurt maker. People prefer to use the latter one, but it depends on you, and whether you have the Yogurt maker or not, so you can choose as per your choice.

Making yogurt by oven or stove

You have to follow the following steps to make yogurt at home by oven or stove.

You need just two ingredients:

  •         42 ounces organic milk.
  •         One packet yogurt starter or 2-3 tablespoon pre-used milk.


  1. Firstly you need to boil the milk to kill the germs or any kinds of bacteria present in the milk and make your yogurt thick.
  2. You have to get your milk cooled to prepare it for the good bacteria.
  3. Once it is cooled, you have to add the yogurt starter or Pre-made yogurt into it. You can use 2-3 tablespoons; that’s enough.
  4. You have to put the yogurt added milk in the jar or pot you want to use and then leave it for at least 8 hours; you can leave it for more time as, as much time you’ll give your yogurt will be as delicious.
  5. Now your yogurt is ready, you have to cool it in a refrigerator and serve or eat it.


These are some of the tips you have to keep in mind while making your yoghourt or serving it.

  1. If your milk is thicker, your product would be wider, so it’s better to use goat’s milk.
  2. Well, at the start, this yoghourt will not feel tasty to you, it might be because you are used to eating the market or sweet yoghourt, but if you want to sweeten it, you can use vanilla or any other flavor for giving it a taste you like.
  3. If you want to add any fruit so first it’s being cooled, then add them.

The nutrients you will get from your homemade yogurt include;


FAT: 5g,



 SUGAR: 8g,

VITAMIN A: 275iu,

CALCIUM: 192mg,

IRON: 0.1mg

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