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How to make porridge?

Porridge is the most traditional dish that you can make easily whenever you do not know what to cook. Porridge is considered the ultimate food for ill patients due to stomach issues, cough, cold, and fever.
It is effortless to make porridge. It can be made with the variation by using oats, quinoa, or even brown rice.
It’s the best and most healthy breakfast as it strengthens your body and gives you ample energy to survive until dinner time. Some people like to add fruits and nuts to their porridge to add variance to the flavor. At the same time, some want to add spices like cardamom powder or cinnamon powder to give it a pungent taste.
Don’t worry. It is not at all difficult to make it.
Let us share the secret of making the perfect porridge for you;

Oats porridge:

Just put a handful of oats porridge in the pan you intend to cook. Then add milk or water as per your wish to soften the porridges.
You can also add some sugar if you like sweet porridge or some salt and black pepper if you want a little salty touch.
Cook it till it gets dissolved and forms a thick paste but not watery consistency.
Make sure you move the spoon continuously so that it does not stick to the base of the pan.
When cooked, cool it down or serve it hot as you like.
People prefer superb porridge. They add fruits and nuts to it to add a delicious crunch to the porridge. You can also add a dollop of Greek yogurt and drizzle some honey to make it much healthier.

Wheat porridges:

The first step is similar to the above-stated recipe. You have to replace oats with wheat, and the time of cooking it will enhance. It takes longer to cook grainy forms of grain.
When done, you can add salt and black pepper to it for taste. A slight hint of ground spices will enhance the flavor.
You can fry some nicely sl8ced onions and pour them onto your porridge. It will add stars to your page’s taste.
Serve it hot in the bowl and earn praises from everyone.

Barley porridge:

Do the same drill by adding water to barley grains. Let them cook appropriately in a paste form.
You can add some chicken to it to give it a different aroma and taste.
Adds salt, black pepper( whole or crushed), whole green chili ( maybe one or two)
Cover the lid of your pan and let it absorb the flavor of the added ingredient.
Serve it hot and enjoy eating chunks of chicken along with it.

You see, there are many ways of making porridges. Sweet or salty, it is ultimately your choice.

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