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How to improve handwriting?

In the following article, we get to know about How to improve handwriting? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Five tips on how to improve your handwriting

Beautiful and secure handwriting is the preliminary stage for all sorts of other art forms for which you need a safe hand: e.g. calligraphy or drawing to improve handwriting. So I start right here because you create a basis like that – one step at a time.

I looked a little bit on the Internet for tips, but mostly there are only foolproof tips like: “Try to write as beautifully as possible and practice that over and over again to improve handwriting.” Well, congratulations, I wouldn’t have figured it out on my own!

So here are my five tips with which I am currently working on my handwriting:

1. Select the font

Nobody is reinventing the wheel, so you don’t need to think about how your handwriting should look the best to improve handwriting – choose one of the countless great handwriting types on the Internet, e.g. from Dafont.

The best way to do this is to look under “handwritten” and enter your name or an example sentence in the field so that you can easily recognize the writing. Best of all, as much letter variation as possible so that it could be a strange sentence – or the whole alphabet, right away. Then load the font into Word or Photoshop and type once the alphabet in lower and upper case letters and the most meaningful special characters. Here are a few that I picked out for myself.

Many modern fonts are not case sensitive at all – if you still go to school, you should use the classic upper and lower case, afterwards there will be points deducted. Teachers do not care at all whether a small “a” at the beginning is modern today.

2. Create an exercise sheet

When you have decided on a font, you create an exercise sheet. You can concentrate on the letters that are entirely different from the ones in your current handwriting to improve handwriting. Then you write a few words that you often use to get a feel for the writing.

Unfortunately, this font has no umlauts, but I can manage the dots – I’m already big! That

You can, of course, design the exercise sheet as you want – you can make your sheet for each letter and practice it for hours to improve handwriting – I’m always someone who likes to start right away and also wants to practice on whole words and texts because otherwise, I feel like doing it loosely. Of course, you don’t have to copy an entire font to improve handwriting. You can only get inspiration for certain letters from different fonts and practice them to improve handwriting – minor changes to the handwriting make a big difference!

4. The right pen

I am very meticulous here. I’m not particularly eager to write with all pens, and I’m not yet sure which cells I prefer to write with to improve handwriting. I always find my writing scrawled with ballpoint pens and pressed so hard that my hands hurt quickly to improve handwriting. I like to write with a fountain pen, a slightly thicker, soft lead – preferably in black. But I also love to write with felt-tip pens, which is rather stupid at school or during studies for frequent and small writers – they quickly go empty, and it is difficult to read with small letters.

I’ll show you a few of my favourites!

5. Practice – little by little

Do not only work on your writing but also your expectations. No master has fallen from heaven yet, and you have not learned a beautiful script after a day and can already write the whole of the next exam to improve handwriting. It is a process! Please take a couple of letters that seem the most difficult to you and incorporate them into your daily writing as often as possible. If that works without thinking, then add the next ones to improve handwriting.

You will notice for yourself which letters go well and which do not – some notes are just totally cumbersome in running texts, which can be easily changed. In the end, you should have a font that you can handle well and are satisfied with to improve handwriting. Only: PATIENCE and EXERCISE.

Bottom Line

After a while, you will be a bit fitter and can practice more fonts – you should learn a simple one for everyday use and perhaps a somewhat more unusual one, which is more suitable for decorative things such as the lettering of folders, etc. – or birthday cards. You can put beautiful sayings on paper just by painting them (yes, you can do that). But more on that in another post.

I hope you enjoyed the little writing excursus and you felt like picking up the pen again or even digging out the fountain pen. I have learned to love my pen all over again and now I write a lot with pen again!

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