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How to cook broad beans?

Broad beans are famous in Middle Eastern, Chinese, South American, and African food. The second name of Broad beans is “fava beans.” The outer seed pod can be eaten in young beans. Otherwise, cook broad beans it’s seeds inside the pods that you want to eat. Dishes made with broad beans include: 

  • ful medames 
  • Mexican bean soup.
  • falafel 

Many people don’t like these brilliant broad beans, and they don’t know how to prepare and cook them. The broad bean is a vegetable that has been developed as food since the Bronze Age. 

Broad beans are large as compared to those round sweet peas you find in the icy walkway. The flavor is sweet, slightly bitter yet has a delicate and buttery texture when cooked. You can see that people who eat beans and adore them, compared to those who prepare them to find broad beans, are less charming. 

How to prepare and cook broad beans?


  • Fresh broad beans (1 pound)
  • Water
  • Salt (1 teaspoon)
  • Ice (as needed for chilling)

Shell the broad beans

There are two different ways to open it. The first is to break the tip at the stem end, then pull the thin string to “unzip” the pods. The 2nd way is to use a paring blade to make a shallow cut down the seams. 

Then, open the pod and remove the beans. There are usually 5 to 5 inside. There will be white skin outward. Still, you will cook the beans with these on to make them easier to peel off later.

Boiling the beans

For the boiling process, add beans to salted boiling water. Cook them until the beans under the skin are green and soft. More time will be required depending on the bean’s size and the level of doneness. 

However, if you want them parboiled to add to another dish or wholly cooked, the process could take between 1 to 7 minutes.

Chill the broad beans

After completing the boiling process, transfer the beans to a bowl with ice water until they are completely cool, about 5 minutes.

Peel the beans ( Remove Skin)

To make them more delicious, remove the outer skins before eating. To do this, use your nail to start peeling it off, then, afterward, use your fingertips for popping them out. Now, you can use the peeled fava beans in your favored culinary application.

Store them in an open plastic or paper jar in the fridge for as long as ten days. It’s best to hold on to shell them before cooking. Shelled beans last in a water/airproof container chiller for as long as four days.

Ways to use beans

  1. Use in salad
  2. You can use them in lentil soup
  3. You can add them to hummus
  4. Saute with olive oil, and for a simple side dish, add some black pepper, salt, and lemon juice.

Are our broad beans good for our health?

Yeah, no doubt beans are good for our health because they are full of Vitamin A and C, protein, iron, and potassium. It would be best if you tried to use it in your diet. Most people in middle Estren use beans in their food in summer starting from June to September.  

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