How to change apple watch face?

How to change apple watch face?

Apple is known throughout the world because of its services and unique products. The user interface of their devices is different. However, how much it is user friendly depends on the knowledge level of the consumer as well. In the following article, we get to know about How to change the Apple watch face? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Many companies have introduced digital watches and have offered many services along with the product, but Apple always comes to the market with some uniqueness. Moreover, Apple introduced its apple watch and allowed the user to customize it according to the taste. 

Furthermore, other companies are offering the change of the strap of watch according to the customer’s taste. Still, Apple introduced watch face change according to the customer’s temperament.

You are also thinking about how an apple watch face can be changed?

Let’s discuss how?

Methods to change the Apple watch face

Following are the method that can be followed to change the watch face accordingly.

1- Hold the digital crown button for a few seconds and watch the face displayed on the screen.

2- Press the display button for some time, and the watch face becomes minimized. You can swipe the beginning and select the favorite one of your choice.

3- If you don’t want to choose those watch face after swiping at the end “New” option appears. Click on it and add the one from the list.

4- You can also set it according to the library’s needs. And once it is all done, press the crown button, and your changes get saved.

5- There is another option if it is not set in the watch. You can change it with the help of your phone.

6- By clicking an option of ‘My watch’ on your phone, you can connect with your watch.

7- Add colors and features directly from your phone and save them.


Modern devices have the latest technology and have a lot of hacks that you can make changes easily. If you cannot do that at home, many experts in the market give you their services. Apple has unique features, and the apple watch is one of them. The steps mentioned above will guide you to change the watch face as easily as your choose. Two methods are mentioned, and it creates variety for you. For more details mentioned in the comment below.

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