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How to be a hacker?

In the field of software development, hackers are talented and passionate programmers who, with patience, attention to detail, extensive knowledge of network technology and a certain play instinct, can find security gaps and weak points in operating systems. So if you want to learn to hack, you have to be ready to understand or learn the basic functions of computers and programming languages. We have put together the best guides for ambitious beginners. In the following article, we get to know about How to be a hacker? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Learn to hack: discover security problems for yourself to be a hacker

Hacking is often denounced as a criminal activity per se, but in fact, it is only a small part that is involved in illegal activities to be a hacker. However, if you want to learn to hack, steal passwords or watch your girlfriend, your activities are of course prohibited and criminally relevant to be a hacker.

Hacking also serves the completely legal purpose of discovering security deficits in computer systems, programs or websites to be a hacker. Companies use savvy hackers for this purpose; for private programming users, it is of course useful to be able to find security gaps on their own to be a hacker.

For those who are mainly concerned with such a security check or who are afraid of being the victim of a hacker attack, the test can also be left to a tool like Snort. It can be used to check computer networks for gateways for hacker attacks to be a hacker.

Apart from that, there are of course books and tutorials. That are specifically dedicated to the topic of hacking, even for beginners:

Characteristics to be a hacker

  • The hacker manual for beginners recommends if you have little idea about this topic. And would like to introduce the basic terminology and context to be a hacker. What is the difference between a hacker and a cracker? Which famous personalities do we know from this field of work, which organizations? How do hackers work? These questions answer in a well-structured manner and you learn a lot about the hacking culture to be a hacker. Although the book also discusses how you can become a hacker yourself, instructions on how to learn to hack are rather underrepresented there to be a hacker.
  • Hacking School: In contrast, an interactive training course is a clear recommendation for practitioners to be a hacker. While it is not necessarily cheap, it also provides training material in audio and video format. For every chapter in the book, which even beginners can use to get ahead to be a hacker. In addition, you get a training operating system that can start from a CD. And is an ideal test environment, even for beginners. Previous experience with the Python programming language makes some things easier to be a hacker. To understand, but even total newbies should be able to find enough points of contact. And improve their understanding of hacking with it to be a hacking.

Bottom Line

  • Both aspects – practice and theory – excellently brought together in the work Hacking: The Art of Exploit to be a hacking. The author Jon Erickson gives an introduction to the C programming language. From a hacker’s perspective and explains the problem of computer security. In the context of cryptography, programming and networking. This book also comes with a CD to be a hacking. And is a real must for anyone who wants to understand and use hacking.
  • Hacking for Dummies : In the popular Dummies series. A book has also published on this topic that cannot particularly recommend here. Neither from a theoretical nor from a practical perspective, the book brings much knowledge, but many repetitions.

  • Hacking & Security: The comprehensive manual is a very extensive work with 1000 pages that offers a thorough introduction to the topics of hacking and security. By reading the book. You can acquire a basic understanding of how hacking attacks work and how they can ward off.

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