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How to be a better person?

If your goal is to become a better person by being a better leader, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, parent, friend, mentor, or teacher, the first step is to learn how to get better where (thinking, Behavior, emotions, body) I can grow and how I get “bigger”. In this article, we read about How to be a better person?

This striving to constantly improve, to change and grow, to get better and better, is what moves us forward. As successful as we may be, we pave the way for tomorrow’s success.

The time to change something is today. The following are questions for the next few days.

What do I say?

Start the day by listening to the things you say – to yourself and to others. The way you say it and what you say is the best indicator of how you are thinking. How to be a better person? Are you expressing negativity/pessimism or optimism? Complacency or Joy? Acceptance or harsh judgment – about yourself and others?

“I want you to find out how you can learn to change your own experience in order to have some control over what is actually going on in your brain. Most people are prisoners of their own brain. They act as if they were chained to the back seat of a bus while someone else is driving to be a better person. I want you to learn to drive your own bus ”(Bandler, 1987). Gain more control over your thoughts, yourself, and your brain, control your thoughts consciously. Whether a glass is half full or half empty depends entirely on the viewer. Become a “bus driver”. Take the lead in your head too. Everyone is the designer of their own reality.

Corsica and Sardinia to be a better person

A little story about it: I sailed around Corsica and Sardinia with a friend. We had three weeks. For all fellow sailors, it was irrelevant whether we returned a day earlier or later. My friend, on the other hand, was worried from day one that we might have strong winds because of the mistral on the way back from Sardinia to Saint Tropez, southern France. He urged us to sail long distances every day, up to 50 nautical miles a day. Instead of relaxing in a bay in between, have breakfast in peace, curiously explore cities and places along the coast. What happened? We had to cover the longest stretch of 157 nautical miles on the way back from Corsica to the home port of Saint Tropez with the engine due to a lack of wind. Would you say,

What else do I have to learn?

Feeling that you already know everything you need to know robs you of the opportunity to learn more to be a better person. Keep asking yourself what else you can and want to learn. It may be improving a skill, learning a new habit, updating your technical knowledge, or learning a foreign language.

If you don’t want to learn, nobody can help you to be a better person, but if you are determined to learn, nobody can stop you. Make the first day of a new study plan today.

How can I be more focused?

David Viscott – “The purpose of life is to discover your gift to be a better person. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. “

Loosely translated: “The meaning of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give away your gift. “

There is a book with the title: “Always ask why first.” The author, Simon Sinek, has found that the reason why we do or want to do something is the decisive factor in getting us started with passion (cf. . Sinek, S. (2014). Always ask: why: How top companies and executives inspire success. Munich: Redline Verlag). Only then are we really inspired and persevere to be a better person. Therefore, collect the reasons why your goal is important to you. In doing so, pay particular attention to your feelings. Without feeling, it is mostly rational and they don’t last long.

How can I become a better role model?

Effectiveness as a role model begins with learning to love, respect, and respect yourself. Dig deeper to understand what is important to you. Become the best version of yourself so that you can lead by example. It’s not about turning you into someone you are not, but about accepting yourself with all your own weaknesses, fears, insecurities and deficits, and strengths, talents, and abilities.

Whom do I forgive?

Where in your life do you need to use forgiveness? Where can you let go of the anger? Who cheated on you, hurt you, caused you pain? So, who do you want forgiveness from? Who do you want to forgive? However, who would you like to reconcile with? Who would like to be reconciled with you? It has already been said, but to this day you have not agreed to the reconciliation or you have rejected the reconciliation. Realize the reasons why you are disappointed in someone. Become aware of the needs that were not being heard by you at the moment. Who is responsible for satisfying their own needs? Exactly, yourself.

Emotional agility – a prerequisite for courage and innovation

What helps the emotional agility on the jumps:

  • A growth mindset: you focus on further development. They believe that through learning and repetition, you can improve your skills.
  • A constructivist awareness: you believe that reality is not, but is made.
  • Mindfulness: The ability to stay with your thoughts in the now and not with your worries and fears of the past or future.
  • Defusion (acceptance and commitment therapy) to overcome boundaries: The ability to free oneself from unwanted thoughts and emotions.
  • Involving the body in self-awareness.
  • Value orientation: Understanding values ​​as qualities of action that give life meaning and orientation.

At any point in your life, you have an opportunity to be a better person than you were yesterday. If you pay attention to these opportunities and take advantage of them, your reward will be a life of amazing growth, strength, power, and success.

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