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How much to paint a car?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to paint a new car? The charm of a car, regardless of kilometers and year of registration. Defines its appearance; streaks, halos, and paint aging are not the best. Yet not many do not think about the cost of repainting the car when they are in the dealership. But choosing a fantastic color under the lights of the showroom can expensive choice. What is the type of color that can repaint with no exaggerated expense? We asked Federcarrozzieri. Who helped us to clarify many curiosities that not everyone knows. For example, why the most beautiful colors are also the most difficult to repaint on a new or old car. And how much they cost more than single-coat matt or metallic colors.


It is not necessarily true that a relatively expensive tint when buying a car is worth it all. For a Mercedes HighGloss Beam color, you can easily exceed 20 thousand euros. But for a metallic Alfa Giulietta, just 700 euros are enough. Or that paying for an optional pearl paint is the most considered choice compared to a simple metallic color without knowing the possible costs that a repainting may have.

To get an idea of ​​how much it costs to repaint a car. The first thing to know is that the cost of the material and the intervention cost weigh a lot on the invoice. “In the body shop, there are two cost elements: the type of paint that must  apply to the car and the time it takes to repaint the car,” – explains Federcarrozzieri. “The latter is the major component that affects the cost of repainting a car that has a two-tone or three-color bodywork, because painting involves a single-color process.


In other words, it is not possible to do a simultaneous painting of several colors from preparation to application. They must all different paints. And this increases the price, not doubling it since there are some phases common to both applications. But there you go. very close. “For example, to paint the classic two-tone Lancia Ypsilon with damage to both colors, all the labor that would concern a single color must double (a color prepare by covering the area of ​​the different color, it  paints and then the procedure repeats. for the other color). On the other hand, the materials not doubles. Since the paint for a single-color car and the two-color car weigh almost the same on the scale.


On a cost scale, the choice of paints becomes vital in case of scratches. As it is no longer possible to distinguish only between Pastel and metallic paint. And then you need to know. What is known in the jargon as “glaze or nuance” to even out the shades of paint? For some colors, it becomes mandatory even if the car leaves the dealership the day before. “On a scale of costs from the cheapest paint to the most expensive to repair we find the single-layer Pastel, then the double-layer Transparent Glossy Pastel and then Opaque Pastel which adds an opaque clear coat more expensive than the glossy clear coat.

The cost increases with metallic and pearl colors also called a triple layer. “In this scale, the cost of two-tone painting position between the metallic and the pearly, remembering however that the cost component of the two-tone concerns the time and not the materials. “


The pearl is the one that costs a lot,” the word ‘triple layer’ says so : in the sense that there are three layers of paint to spray, moreover one of these three – just the pearl – has a very high cost.” “So who buys a car pearl, mica or a tint that still contains within it a particular effect, should know that in case of paint will have to bear a higher cost because the pearl and metallic repair add another cost to the paint also to a new car. “On a vehicle of a few years that has been outdoors, glazing is necessary but not mandatory to make the shade of a repaired area uniform with the adjacent ones. As Federcarrozzieri explains, “for pearlescent and metallics even on new cars, simply due to the fact that this paint covers very little, it is often necessary to do the glazing. “


But ultimately, how much does it cost to repaint a car based on the tint? Establishing a monetary order of magnitude is not easy since each car and size has its paint. Still, it is possible to consider the percentage increase among the various types of paint. “On materials (paint to be used for painting, ed) we grow from single-layer Pastel to double-layer Pastel by 15-18% with costs; from the double-layer Pastel to the metallic one increases by a further + 20%; from metallized to pearly, there is an increase of another 15% -20% “.

As for the workforce insteadThe Pastel allows you to do a direct repainting on the part to be repaired without shading, so if it is 3 hours to repair a door, it remains 3. As for the double layer and the metallic they require 20-25% more hours, while compared to metallic, a pearlescent color also requires 30-50% more hours “.


What about the other repair costs that go into the invoice? “All the rest of the costs, in addition to the materials, must be related to the hours. Because if you spend an hour in the oven to paint a single part is one thing. But if a triple layer paints in the oven, the above increases apply”. It can help to know roughly that for a Fiat Punto that has suffered vandalism on both sides, about 30 hours of the workforce are needed (which could even fluctuate between 30 and 55 euros per hour depending on the province and the professionalism of the workshop. ). “To this cost we must add that of the materials, which for a white pastel paint. The cheapest – can be between 350 and 500 euros”.

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