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How much is a passport?

Who does not like to travel? Everyone does! If people are fully equipped with good financial supplies, they will not stop exploring the world. Just like to travel within the country you need a ticket. Similarly, you need a passport to travel to another country. Therefore you can use a passport as a permit to travel to some other country. A passport is the equivalent of your identity card and denotes to others which country you belong to. A passport has all your required information like your name, father’s name, spouse’s name (if any), age, sex, birth date, and a photo. In short, it is a biodata of an individual in a concise possible form.

What is the cost of getting a passport in Pakistan?

There are different categories of passports, especially in Pakistan. The cost of each category is different, and it entirely depends upon the number of pages you would opt to have in your travel document, that is, your passport.

To begin with, there is a normal passport of 36 and 72 pages. Each of them costs Rs.4500 and Rs.8250 respectively. Then there is a different category that is said to be urgent with the same number of pages. The cost of an urgent 36-page passport is Rs.7500 while an urgent 72-page passport has crossed the line of ten thousand clubs and it costs Rs. 13500.

Taxes are subject to apply as per the governmental orders: the taxes applicable cost Rs.2500 subject to changes.

What are the major differences between a VISA and a passport?

Now when you know what a passport is, let us know what a VISA is. It is an abbreviation for “Visitors International Stay Admission.” Visas and passports accompany each other. Visa is the declaration for an individual to stay in the departure country for the selected number of days as per the embassy issue.

The major difference here is that a visa, once received, can be used for visiting the allowed country as many times as you want within the desired duration. Even if you wish to stay in that country, no one can stop you until or unless your visa expires. Before issuing a visa, the embassy interviews the applicant thoroughly for their satisfaction. This is done to keep up with the security protocols.

Almost everything has to be said to the embassy interviewer about the reason for the visit, the duration, and even to whom you are visiting. The passport is free from interviews. It is entirely in the hands of the embassy to give you a visa depending upon how well you have made them satisfied. If not, they will reject your application, and you will not be able to travel abroad. In the other case, a passport will be issued to the applicant.

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