Could Be The PUA Dead?


After checking out the online game: Penetrating the key culture of Pickup performers by Neil Strauss, we experienced alike epiphany hundreds of males had: “i am an AFC.” Suddenly, I felt allow behind a velvet rope and allowed to romp in a VIP location previously kepted for a-listers, millionaires and homecoming kings. Openers, negs and presentations of really worth became tools in my formerly unused case. My girlfriend of two years, an intelligent feminist whom takes enjoyment in damaging obvious PUAs, admits my Neil Strauss strategies worked tirelessly on the girl. She don’t actually realize they were going on until we shared with her later on.

Old news?

Teaching old tricks to a different puppy

unwanted men won’t quit to outsmart females out of their group, however the methods must be current. When Mystery was parodied on Saturday Night Live, the action turned into cartoonish, and people who embrace to it too directly have become clichés. You ought not risk function as the senior school quarterback exactly who hangs around the parking area 3 years after he graduated. This is not to express the activity was actually a failure. It coached many men they don’t must be happy with the homely office content girl. However, it is actually time for you to transfer to the second age of seduction, like when punk rock took the reigns from garage rock.

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Could you predict the new generation of PUAs as well as their brand new case of techniques? Or you think the age defined in the overall game remains in full impact? 

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