5 Reasons Why Women Flake on You


Dudes frequently get annoyed once they expect to go out on a night out together with a female after which she flakes in the last second.

Occasionally there clearly was the best reason a woman can not appear on a romantic date, but that’s normally unusual.

Generally, females will flake on males because they simply want interest and a pride boost.

Below we explain five the explanation why ladies truly flake you.

1. This lady has a date.

Sometimes you are going to meet a female, keep in touch with the lady and exchange numbers. You might think because conversation went so well, you’ll be watching the lady again real shortly.

You call the girl to attempt to setup a romantic date, however both do not notice back or perhaps you make an agenda to meet up and she backs on at eleventh hour.

Often a woman with flake for you because she currently has a boyfriend. She offered you the woman quantity because she just desired your own interest and wants witnessing arbitrary dudes call this lady up so she will get an ego boost.

She never really had any purposes of seeing you once more because she has a date already.

2. You weren’t her very first option.

Most of this ladies you method are receiving provides from guys to be on times all the time. So if you go out and address a woman nowadays, she probably had at the least six different men approach this lady when you performed.

The thing is a woman offers away the woman wide variety to a lot of men, but away from those males, there was one that she likes.

Very let’s imagine she gave both you and those types of other six guys this lady quantity. That implies she now has two dudes attempting to go out with the girl.

Let’s say you contact this lady and y’all make an idea to go out on a night out together on Saturday night. She decided to go out with you, but what she really desired to happen ended up being the other man to contact this lady because she liked him more than she liked you.

Now what frequently takes place is the man she really likes phone calls her when you already made plans with her and states, “Hey, I would like to see you Saturday night.”

She ultimately ends up witnessing him and flaking on you as you are not her first choice – he had been.


“If a female forgot she was actually expected to

see you, she’s absolutely no interest.”

3. You had been her backup plan.

This practically sounds like “you had beenn’t her first choice,” but it is slightly different.

Occasionally you will meet a female and she will give you the woman number, but she already provides intentions of flaking you if very little else better arrives.

This does not have even become another man when you look at the image. It may be anything.

If you satisfy a woman and she believes observe you on saturday, the woman is simply using you as someone to captivate her if she ends up having hardly anything else better to carry out on monday.

If her pal calls her and informs their to come together with her to a celebration on saturday, she’ll flake on you. If she satisfies another guy who she wants and really wants to get the lady on tuesday, she’ll flake for you.

You were the woman back-up strategy right away.

4. She actually is afraid commit completely along with you.

Sometimes a girl will flake you because this woman is simply afraid to go on a night out together with anyone.

They are the kind of girls who aren’t comfortable in their own epidermis and are also socially uncomfortable. These ladies don’t actually know what they need, so that they will plan a date along with you after which flake.

These represent the girls who’ll say they’ll satisfy you at a cafe or restaurant and just perhaps not arrive. They don’t even phone you to definitely terminate.

I really had a lady We proceeded a romantic date with acknowledge to me that she was about to flake because she hasn’t been on a date in a while and ended up being stressed observe me personally.

5. She forgot she wanted to see you.

I really think this is actually the worst reason for a woman to flake you.

If a lady forgot she was actually meant to see you, meaning she’s got zero interest in both you and ended up being simply using you for interest.

I happened to be on a date with this specific woman whenever the lady phone rang. She chuckled and said, “Oh my personal Jesus, we entirely forgot I planned on witnessing he now.”

The guy who she had been allowed to be away with from the exact same time she ended up being out with me was actually contacting her.

Guys, has a woman actually ever flaked on you? That was the woman reason? Just how do you handle it?

Picture supply: livejournal.com.